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Thank you for showing an interest in our work, which is about giving more patients relief through a side-effect free method of treating severe allergic asthma.

Airsonett is a research-based medical technology company with a unique technology that leads the way in the development of non-pharmaceutical treatments for asthma. Our product is called Airsonett (formerly Protexo).

As well as symptoms of asthma during the day, patients with severe asthma often sleep badly as a result of breathing problems, coughing and a blocked nose. Airsonett is installed in the patient’s bedroom. Treatment takes place during the night while the patient is asleep. The filtered air from Airsonett sinks slowly over the patient’s head and face. The clean air is slightly cooler than the air in the room, so it sinks and displaces unclean ambient air. In principle, when the filtered air reaches the patient’s face, it is totally free from particles that cause allergies and creates an practicially allergen-free breathing zone.

To find out more about studies and research on treatment with Airsonett, click here.

Link to Airsonett Product brochure.

Link to Airsonett Patient brochure.

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