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8.-man-sleeping-brown-sideAirsonett helps improve your quality of life by creating an allergen free zone at home in your own bedroom. Take care of yourself and your Airsonett to alleviate your asthma in the best possible way.

Maintence and Care of  Airsonett

When your Airsonett is delivered it will be set to your requirements.

If Airsonett is to function effectively you must look after it as indicated in the Instructions for Use. The Instructions for Use is delivered with your Airsonett and has detailed information about installation, use and maintenance.

Click here for  technical specifications for Airsonett.

There are a number of short videos to assist in handling your Airsonett:

Change of Filters

If the treatment is to be effective the filter must be changed every 6 months. That’s why we automatically send you a new filter every 6 months. You can find information on how to change the filter in the Instructions for Use. If you don’t change the filter, the machine will first warn you and then, shortly after that, will shut down completely.  If, for some reason, you have not received your filter in time, please contact us.

If you have any questions about Airsonett and your asthma you should contact your GP in the first instance. If you are  having technical problems with your Airsonett, please contact your local Airsonett representative.

Your experiences

We would love to hear about your life with Airsonett! You can email your experiences and comments directly to us, the manufacturers of Airsonett.


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