How does Airsonett works?

3rAirsonett is placed beside the bed in your bedroom and supplies filtered air half a metre above your face. The clean air is half a degree cooler than the ambient air in the room, which means that it sinks and displaces the polluted air. The filtered air that reaches the face is more or less completely free from particles and creates a more or less allergen free zone. The patient does not feel any draught and Airsonett is extremely quiet and energy efficient.

Airsonett uses TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Flow) technology.

Brief facts about TLA technology

The body heat of a person lying in bed creates an upward air flow known as body convection. The blanket acts as a “chimney” that constantly directs this stream of warm air into the breathing zone.

It has been proven that bedclothes are one of the largest allergen reservoirs in a normal bedroom. When the person moves, the allergens are released from the reservoirs in the bedclothes and follow the body convection to the breathing zone where the allergens are inhaled. By producing Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA), Airsonett creates a zone of filtered air in the breathing zone, which counteracts the allergen rich body convection air. This results in a significant reduction in exposure to allergens while sleeping at night.

If you want to read more about TLA, click here. 

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