Is the Airshower noisy?  Will it interrupt my sleep?
Airsonett has a very low noise level of ≤ 38 dB(A).

Does the Airshower purify the air in the entire room as well?
Airsonett focus on purifying the air in the breathing zone. The purifying effect in the entire room will be similar to a standard room air cleaner with equivalent airflow rate and filter quality. However, the purifying effect will be approximately a 100 fold better within the breathing zone
compared to the entire room.

How long does it take the Airsonett to work after it is turned on?
The Airsonett will have full effect within 5 minutes after it is turned on.

How much power does an Airsonett consume?
The average energy consumption is equivalent to a 60-90 W bulb.

How often does the filter need to be changed? Is it difficult to change it?
Every six months the filter needs changing. If the filter is not changed the Airsonett will stop working after 7 months. The procedure to change filters is simple and only takes a few minutes (see Instructions for Use).
You will be sent a new filter every six months.

Do you feel a draught from the cold air flowing over your head?
Almost no patients experience a draft from Airsonett. However, if you get a chilly or draught feeling you can decrease the cooling (see Instructions For Use for details).

Can I move the Airsonett when I clean my room?
The Airsonett is a stationary device. If it needs to be moved, take care to re-place it so that the airshower is positioned over the pillow. http://www.airsonett.com/?page_id=1537 http://www.airsonett.com/?page_id=1537Positioning is described in Instructions for Use.

I want to go on holiday for a week or two (without the Airsonett). Will my asthma be back?
Always consult your doctor when you feel uncertain in this regard. Increase in symptoms may be very individual and also depend on length of
holiday and type of environment you will go to.

My child has frequent sleep-overs at friends’ houses. Will this have an effect on his/her Airsonett treatment?
Always consult your doctor when you feel uncertain in this regard. Increase in symptoms may be very individual and also depend on type of
environment your child will visit.

I want to sleep with the window open / use a mechanical fan in the summer because my room gets very warm.
The instructions for use will guide you how to avoid air movements in the room that may interfere with the function of Airsonett.

The Airsonett does not start / has a strange noise / warning light goes on / etc
Trouble shooting is described in the Instructions for Use.

How do I clean my Airsonett?
The cleaning instructions are described in the Instructions for Use.

Do I need to turn it on before I go to bed?
We would recommend that you use the timer function (see Instructions for Use) to set the Airsonett to start in time before you normally go to bed. If you prefer to not to use it, you will need to turn on / switch off the Airsonett every evening / morning.

How long will it take before I feel better?
If the treatment is effective for you the improvements comes gradually. In clinical studies the majority have experienced significant improvements within 3 months. However, the effect is individual and may come earlier for some persons and later for others.

Do I need to sleep in the same position all night or does the device work even if I move during sleep?
Airsonett create a distinct clean zone that covers the breathing zone in terms of width and volume. The clean zone do cover sideways movements and thus you do not need to sleep in the exact same position.

How do I get an Airsonett?
You need to contact your doctor to find out if Airsonett could be a suitable treatment for you. Airsonett is at present available in a limited number of countries.


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