This is how TLA works

3rAirsonett uses TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow) technology to create a zone virtually free from airborne particles and allergens.

The body heat from a person in bed creates an upward stream of warm air called body convection. The blanket acts as a “chimney” and leads this warm airstream up to the breathing zone. The bed linen is a considerable allergen reservoir in an ordinary bedroom. When you move during sleep, the allergens in the bed linen are released and follow the body convection to the breathing zone where the allergens are inhaled.

Using the unique Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA) technology, Airsonett creates a zone of filtered air in the breathing zone which breaks the allergen rich airflow produced by the bodyconvection. This results in a significant decrease in allergen exposure for the patient during the night-time sleep.

Research shows that TLA reduces particles (0,5 μm or larger) in the breathing zone by more than 1.000 times compared to no intervention. TLA reduces particles, and thereby exposure, by at least 100 times more than the best conventional air purifiers.

Conventional air purifiers have not been clinically proven to be effective for asthmatics. The drastic reduction in night-time allergen exposure created by TLA is the main reason for Airsonett’s success in an area where so many other measures have failed.


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