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Read what some of the patients who use Airsonett have to say about it:

Disclaimer: These stories relate to how individuals have experienced the use of the product and not every person will get the same results. The opinions expressed are the personal opinions of that individual.

Classroom 2016My son can finally start living his life!

Since my son, who is now 10 years’ old, started in day care he has had an infection at least once a fortnight. Most of the days he has been at home, tired, coughing mucus, difficulty breathing. The slightest cold resulted in much lower lung function. Often he had to take his asthma medication every 10 meter when we took a walk. Despite heavy medication, his asthma was bad. His concentration problems, hyperactivity and mood swings was part of his and the families daily life.

A few months ago he got an Airsonett. Now he has been in school for weeks without an infection. He can play and do PE! He is happy, feels pretty well, is in school and with friends. He is less tired and has fewer mood swings and is feeling pleased with himself at the end of each day.

The other day he told me: “This is really working Mum, I mean the Airsonett”

My son’s quality of life has increased by some 1000%! I am so thankful that I am on the verge of crying. It feels like a miracle.



Joel’s eczema is gone and he has no problems breathing!

I just wanted to let you know that Joel is doing so incredibly well since we got the new, working Airsonett! He doesn’t have any eczema and he has no problems breathing! He has not had to use the inhalator during the day at all! Not even when playing football!  Absolutely amazing!




sovande barnAirsonett has been fantastic for our son and our family

The five-year old suffers from severe food allergies, fur allergies, atopic eczema, itching and severe asthma. He has been prescribed a high maintenance dose of several different medications. He suffered multiple asthma attacks every night. Also affected by asthma during physical exertion. After only a couple of months with Airsonett we noticed an improvement in nighttime sleep, less itching AND fewer asthma attacks, as well as less coughing/mucus brought up at night. After another couple of months we have noticed that he no longer appears to be affected by asthma during exertion. He is running around like everyone else!  The boy himself thinks it is great to sleep under the Airsonett.  This is the FIRST year of his life in which he has not had to be admitted to hospital in connection with a cold and its complications.
For us, the Airsonett has been unparalleled. Of course, he still has asthma, still takes medication and still suffers, but the difference is remarkable!

icu 2015


I sleep a lot better at night and have fewer asthma attacks

I can sleep a lot better at night as I am not getting as many allergy attacks I’ve had hardly any admissions since I started using Airsonett. since I’ve had the machine I’ve had about 5-6 admissions, in the same time period last year I had about 18 admissions, every second week I was in intensive care or in the high dependence unit.




My sons general health and wellbeing has improved

My son’s sleep has significantly improved and he now hardly coughs at all at night, which I think has improved his general health and wellbeing. He visits A&E and the GP much less than he used to. He used to unable to do outdoor sports without wheezing. Now his general fitness is improving and he enjoys outdoor sports much more.




My daughter’s life has improved dramatically since having the Airsonett

My daughter has not been admitted to hospital since having the machine. Prior to this she would be admitted about every 6 weeks.  She is now able to participate in all daytime activities, in particular daily dance classes. Her life has improved dramatically since having the Airsonett machine. She is now much more like a normal child. I cannot thank you enough.


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