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Intended use (US):

The Airsonett is a mobile air cleaner
intended to be used to remove particles
from the air for medical purposes.


Always consult your doctor before
changing or reducing your medication.
At any uncertainty, contact your doctor.
Airsonett is not recommended for individuals
with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (Odour sensitivity).


Airsonett has an excellent safety profile.

Short facts:

  • Airsonett Air4 is 510(k) cleared medical device
  • Height: 46-55 inches (can be adjusted depending on type of bed)
  • Length: 21 inches; width: 13 inches (at base)
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Energy consumption: Equivalent to a 60 W bulb
  • Sound level: ≤ 38 dB(A) (quieter than a computer)

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How the Air4 works



While at rest in bed, your mouth and nose are in close contact with pillows, mattresses and duvets that can contain large amounts of irritating particles and allergens such as house dust mites and pet dander.

During sleep your body causes an upward air flow, concentrating these airborne particles and allergens to the breathing zone.



The Air4 delivers cooled and filtered air that descends towards the breathing zone in a laminar manner. The clean laminar airflow counteracts the allergen-rich body convection flow.

In this way at least 99.5% of particles are blocked from your breathing zone all through your sleep. This allows your airways and the immune system to rest and recuperate overnight.

The Air4 is placed next to the bed and should be used every night protecting you all through the night.

Significantly reduced exposure to allergens in the breathing zone

We focus on cleaning the air in the sleeping zone, because that’s where it matters.

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How can Airsonett®
Air4 help?

Protecting you during sleep

We spend up to one third of our life in bed with the airways in close contact with pillows, mattresses and duvets that can contain large amounts of allergens, such as house dust mites and pet dander.

When we move around in bed, these allergens are released from the bedding into the air surrounding your mouth and nose (the breathing zone).

Airsonett Air4 is placed next to the bed and should be used every night. It protects your breathing zone from irritating particles and allergens all through the night. Airsonett AIR4 is very quiet and it does not create a draft.

Our patented technology

Airsonett® Air4 uses the patented technology TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow) to focus a gentle flow of filtered, clean air towards the breathing zone.

The filtered, clean air is slightly cooled before it is released from the device, so that it will gently descend by gravity and ‘push’ away the particle and allergen rich air from the breathing zone.

Airsonett Air4 has been shown to remove at least 99.5% of particles (≥0.5μm) from the breathing zone, and keeping it clean throughout the night.

100 times more efficient compared to room-air cleaners

The TLA technology secures that the air cleaning effect of AIR4 is focused to the breathing zone where it matters rather than cleaning the entire room.

In this way the Airsonett Air4 has been shown to be a 100 times more efficient in cleaning the breathing zone from particles as compared to a traditional room-air cleaner* with similar air flow rate and filter efficiency.1

*DA-5018E Air Purifier, Honeywell A/S

1. Spilak M, et al. A comparison between temperature controlled laminar airflow device and a room-air cleaner in reducing exposure to particles while asleep. PLoS ONE 2016;11(11): e0166882.

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